Where Have All the Good Guys Gone?

As a single mom to a growing young man I’m finding myself asking this question more and more often. I don’t think I’m the only one. And I’m not talking about as a life partner for me. I’m perfectly fine being single as long as God has me here. As […]


Journey Out of Darkness – Part 3

Growing in God didn’t eliminate my junk. There was a lot of stuff, a LOT OF STUFF, I needed to deal with. God knew that, too. And I started to get counseling. Say what you will about counseling – I can tell you it was absolutely necessary in order for […]

Journey Out of Darkness – Part 2

Every journey starts with a single step, whether you’re climbing Mt. Ranier or walking around the block. My journey out of darkness didn’t start with angels singing (at least I couldn’t hear them if they were) or a miracle. It started with me thinking, “Well, there might be some stuff […]

Journey Out of Darkness – Part 1 2

****DISCLAIMER**** This series is really honest and really raw. There is some disturbing imagery and content. I promise you it has a happy ending, but in order to tell the story I have to first be honest about the darkness. I hope you understand. May God use my journey out […]

On Being Enough – 20 Years Later

“What am I doing?!” I thought as I stared bleakly into my closet. Nothing looked good. I felt ugly. I wanted to cry. I wanted to shop, to find something that would help me feel pretty. Or at least not like a whale. I closed the closet door and sighed […]

Blindsided by Desire

In third grade they test the kids to see whether they will end up placed in the academically gifted classes going forward. Based on the note they sent home a few weeks ago apparently this is a forever designation, all the way through high school. (Also, they really test these […]

The Value of No

I’ve been in business a long time. Half my life, to be exact. I’ve seen customers want what they want when they want it. I’ve seen employers want what they want when they want it. And I’ve experienced how hard it is to say “no.” I struggle with no, in […]

Living Life on Spectrum 2

I’ve seen some parents posting recently about walking through diagnosing whether their kids are on the autism spectrum. Until May 2013 there were some discreet disorders, like Asperger’s, that could be diagnosed. With the advent of the DSM-5 (the tool used to diagnose mental disorders) everything was rolled into one […]

Watching God Work

I so want to put into words what I’ve seen God do this week. I’ve seen His glory up close and personal. The problem… there are no words. The fullness in my heart is so overwhelming. The worship from my soul defies words. As much as I like to share […]

For such a time as this… 1

These words have been running through my head a lot the past few days. They come from part of a verse in the book of Esther: “For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s […]